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Are you constantly craving something satisfying and delicious that will warm your soul? Look no further, because we have exactly what you need! Our Biltong is cured and air dried piece of beef which is a very popular South African snack food particularly while watching the rugby , accompanied by of course a pint or two ! the term Biltong comes from the Dutch "bil" (Rump ) and "tong" (strip) , it dates back to the days of the early Dutch settlers (the Voortrekkers) and it provided a much need preservation method for the great trek north from the Cape into the Southern African hinterlands.

We use only the finest cuts of British Beef , with our own traditional spice blend, It takes 3-4 days to create this tasty snack , depending on how you like it , three choices are available , rare , medium or dry , the choice is yours.

important information


Best quality beef – either topside, silverside or rump from field grazed British cattle.

Sea salt

Pure cane brown sugar

Blend of Distilled Malt & Red Wine vinegar

Signature spice blend,

black pepper,


Sodium Bi-carbonate.



Supplied ready to eat in Vacuum pouches And delivered to your door by first class post . 

Keep refrigerated for up to 6 days prior to opening.

Once opened consume within 3 days