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its all about the taste

 Droe wors

Droe wors literally traslates as dry sausage in Afrikaans. Its is a ready to eat snack, with a long tradition and to this day remains popular with South Africans.

Unlike Boerewors, the dried wors is made with only 100% top qaulity beef and boasts a less than 10% fat content, combined with our signature spice blaend and a handful of herbs a spalsh of vinegar and a generous glug of brandy . We choose Beef as sadly lamb and pork don't tend to dry so well , but we can do a Vension wors by request with price on application.We are traditional in our methods and believe in time and patience, We dry the works in a controlled climate for a minimum of four days until we feel it is just right for chewing.

feedback from our South African friends is that this product can only be described as "baie lekker bro!" 



Best quality cuts of British beef (rump, topside),

Sea salt,

Blend of distilled Vinegars and Brandy,

Signature spice blend 

Natural Sheep or collagen casing 

Nutritional infomation

Per 100g serving

Meat Content: Beef 90%,

Fat -<10% by weight

Protein- 19%



Calories - approx 281 per 100g


We send first class with Royal Mail. The wors is packed in vacuum sealed pouches, and will keep fresh unopened for 10 days , once opened we recommend eating within 3 days.