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"This could be the best Durban curry ive ever tasted"- Michael Rimmer Biltong master

"Just up the road a way, a little north of Durban South Africa on the seashore in a place called La Merci is a curry restaurant called thw "seabell", and for the best part of 40 years they have been serving up some of the best curries i have ever  tasted. my first visit to the seabell was in 1984 and so impressive it was that it became a weekly pilgrimage, and i picked up a few tips and tricks along the way and would like to share with you our own interpretation of the famous "Durban curry".

At Beckett's we mix our own Masala spice blend having the properly blended spice mix is a cornerstone to a good curry and dictates the final curry flavour however the real secret is how the ingredients are brought together



  1. 1KG chopped Mutton or Lamb(goat,venison,chicken,beef,prawns its all good

  2. 125ml oil  

  3. 2 bay leaves

  4. 3 small cinnamon sticks

  5.  1tsp fennel seeds

  6. 2 medium onions chopped

  7. 2 curry leaves

  8. 2tsp ginger and garlic paste

  9. 2tsp salt

  10. 1/2 tsp turmeric 

  11. 6tbl Beckett's Masala mix

  12. 6 even sized potatoes cut into bitesized pieces

  13. 2 med tomato (skinned and quartered)

  14. 3 birdseye chilies (or to taste)

  15. 250ml water

  16. fresh coriander to garnish

Cooking Instructions

Prep time:20 mins cook time 2hours.

  1. Heat oil and add onion  and spices (not masala, curry leaves) allow to fry for few seconds ,reduce heat and allow onions to soften.

  2. Increase heat and add masala, ginger & garlic and allow to cook for few seconds (do not burn masala).

  3. Add the meat - stir until browned and allow to saute.

  4. add tomato and chilies-reduce heat and cover the pan , simmer for half an hour

  5. add water,potatoes,curry leaves and salt.

  6. bring to a boil,and reduce heat to heat and allow to simmer.

  7. cook until meat is tender (about an hour and a half)

  8. Garnish with coriander and serve.